Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Free Trial Pack

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Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Free Trial Pack

Total Radiance is a teeth whitening kit that comes with a whitening pen that contains a proprietary gel. This whitening gel contains ingredients including Peppermint Oil, Kosher Glycerin, and Carbomer along with the whitening agent Carbamide Peroxide. The bustling calendar regular frequently prompts numbness with the wellbeing of teeth, which more often than not causes different dental issues, for example, yellow teeth and hole.

How We Chose the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment

Clearly labeled ingredients

For a teeth whitener to be really effective, it needs to contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as an active ingredient. Only whiteners with peroxides can remove both surface stains and deep stains, whereas other products like toothpaste only target surface stains. If we couldn’t confirm these active ingredients, we left those products on the shelf.

Safe and effective peroxide levels

According to the ADA, “It is known that at concentrations of 10% hydrogen peroxide or higher, the chemical is potentially corrosive to mucous membranes or skin, and can cause a burning sensation and tissue damage.” Florida-based dentist Dr. Katia Friedman DDS told us, “[For carbamide peroxide] 30-35% is theoretically equal to about 10% hydrogen peroxide” — these numbers are within safe limits for your mouth.

Dr. Paul Amato, DDS, FAGD explained if you go above 10% hydrogen peroxide or 35% carbamide peroxide, “then you’re getting into the professional grade.” Whitening products this strong should only be used with dentist supervision — they’ll take care to completely protect your gum tissue with a rubber dam or gel. In any case, you should consult your dentist before using any teeth whitening product to make sure you’re getting what’s best for your teeth and gums.

So we nixed any products that contained more than 10% hydrogen peroxide or 35% carbamide peroxide, but also tossed those that didn’t include any peroxide or relied heavily on ineffective methods (like charcoal or baking soda).

Whitening results

We recruited 39 participants across a wide range of ages to try out our top products. The experiment began with each tester matching their teeth shade to a professional teeth shade guide and snapping a “before” pic. After using the teeth whitening product for the recommended length of time, our testers took an “after” photo, evaluated their new shade, and completed a survey describing the experience.

From these findings, along with existing ratings from Consumer Reports and beauty sites such as and Men’s Health, we concluded that the higher the peroxide content, and the better the surface contact (think strips over pens), the whiter the teeth.

Easy to use

Getting the best results from your teeth whitening treatment also depends on whether you use it consistently — most whiteners require two treatment sessions per day. In that sense, the best teeth whiteners should be comfortable and easy to use so that you are less likely to skip treatments.

We took a deep dive into the differences between strips, gels, pens, and trays to find which whitening methods fit seamlessly into our daily routines. For the most part, choosing a method comes down to personal preference, but all of our testers agreed that trays were out. They were uncomfortable, messy, and used strange-tasting gels.

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