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Thor Antivirus is one of the latest and fastest scanning antivirus software. It is not like any software but better than simple virus protection and is designed to provide an absolute health system for the computer system.

It is a highly effective antivirus package so it has also passed the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR). With detecting and removing viruses, it also detects and removes malware along with that it automatically detects and blocks adware, and blocking pop-ups.


Thor antivirus is extremely fundamental programming, this is something worth being thankful for, as the product only carries out its responsibility without being meddling. The application gives data on every rapid sweep, including kinds of infection and malware recognized and expelled. The framework wellbeing checks give clients reports on any issues with their product, adding to genuine feelings of serenity. There have been a few bugs, including clients choosing HD volume with each sweep. In any case, Thor is successful, quick and has incredible client support.

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