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In our stressful life, we hardly get time for some peaceful sleep, but with Sleepgram Weighted Blanket you will feel blessed to have that peaceful sleep at night. Life is stressful, but bedtime won’t be when you snuggle up to the Sleepgram Weighted Blanket.

It is made to fight away anxiety, the company has optimized the weight per foot of this two-sided blanket for maximum calm. This versatile blanket comes with a Minky side and a bamboo side, so it will always be at the right temperature. The deep pressure of the weighted blanket evenly distributed across the body and helps reduce the stress hormone.

Each outer blanket offers versatility with two multi-functional sides. One side features the sustainable and ever so soft cooling bamboo while the other features the cozy signature mink with embossed pressure dots. The inner blanket is made up of fine glass beads to optimize weight distribution and enhances relaxation.

Each blanket has a removable outer cover for easy wash care, while the inner weighted blanket features ties and clasps for secure fastening between the two. So don’t waste time and get your Blanket now by clicking the “Order Now” tab.

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