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Keto Easy is a food supplement that supplies your body with so-called BHB ketones. In many countries, they are often called BHB salt or exogenous ketones. It is a compound of potassium, sodium, and ss-hydroxybutyrate. Taking BHB ketones is said to increase the ketone level in the blood.

If you eat a ketogenic diet without taking such supplements, you have little control over how many ketones your body produces. Taking these special capsules should increase your impact – not only on ketone levels but also on your weight loss success.

The Keto Easy food supplement is suitable for anyone who wants to start or is already following a ketogenic diet. As long as there are no medical contraindications, anyone can follow a ketogenic diet. Therefore the product is suitable for almost everyone. The only requirement is, as already mentioned, a carbohydrate-reduced diet.

Those who take the supplement and continue to consume unhealthy or even healthy carbohydrates, in addition, will not be able to lose weight due to the capsules and the promised energy boost and other advertised benefits will also not occur, as the body will not get into ketosis.

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