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Whenever we talk about home security, we can never be too careful. A huge number of homes are burglarized every year and many of the packages are stolen from their front porches. Now, a home security startup, called Deep Sentinel home security is launched that leverages cameras, AI, and around the clock monitoring to prevent thefts and other crimes.

According to the Deep Sentinel review, it is the live security guard who speaks through cameras to stop the crime before it happens. As we know that we can’t keep our eyes on our home all the time and also we can’t even stop mishappenings even though there are securities or cameras but Deep Sentinel home security handles this task for you.

This is the California based tech startup that uses connected security cameras to keep an eye on your home 24/7. It includes wireless HD cameras with night vision and PIR motion-sensing features, a smart hub that connects to them so that we can check in on what they are seeing, with other accessories.

Deep Sentinel security uses AI to convey proactive security more than ever. It’s the distinction between getting a criminal, and getting a robber before he’s in your home. That is the intensity of man and machine cooperating. Deep Sentinel security ensures that their security framework will stop crime before it occurs and alert the police quicker than some other framework available. Their LiveSentinel program is a necessary piece of that ensures.

Deep Sentinel is taking home security to a new level with its Smart HomeSurveillance System. The kit includes three cameras with wall mounts, a hub, and four rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.  It also relies on an actual “video surveillance team” to keep an eye on things remotely via the cameras.

How Does Deep Sentinel Smart Surveillance System Work?

Deep Sentinel’s camera uses artificial intelligence to catch the intruders who roam around your property. When that happens, the camera sends an alert to the professional security guard. The guard can view from the camera and can then communicate via the camera’s speaker to that person. He can sound an alarm and also contact local authorities. Also, you have the option to turn off monitoring by setting a camera to “private”, which will allow you to view the live feed.

Deep Sentinel is fairly simple to use, but it’s definitely not the easiest system that we’ve been around. There’s no keypad like other traditional home security systems. But every camera kit includes the Deep Sentinel mobile app, which is nice. We are able to access the live video feed and control our cameras remotely through our smartphone.

As far as the cameras go, you’ll know they’re working by the “red ring.” There is a red ring that will spin when the camera detects a person or object, which signifies it’s sending your live video feed to your smart hub for AI processing. That’s pretty darn futuristic if you ask us. When the AI detects a threat, the guards are notified and will jump into action by using the two-way talk feature to speak to the perpetrator(s). They’ll even call the police if necessary. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about the guards and their role in our “Deep Sentinel Monitoring”.

Deep Sentinel Monitoring

Deep Sentinel monitoring, also called Live Sentinel, is one of the best services in the industry. Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s also hands-down the most expensive, but we’ll touch on that in a bit. We simulated numerous scenarios, including break-ins, car thefts, package thefts, and non-threatening visitors. Here’s how the monitoring worked for us.

The moment our cameras detected movement, the live feed will be sent straight to our hub for AI processing using a secure wireless signal. This transmission happens instantly, and the hub distinguishes between real threats and harmless activity like a neighbor’s dog or cars speeding by our house. Then, depending on the threat level, the guards jump on the line to take action. For us, this process took an average of 15 seconds during simulated break-ins and car theft and 45 seconds for package deliveries and visitors.

But here’s where we found Deep Sentinel monitoring to be quite helpful. If a break-in or home intrusion occurs, they will immediately call the police with a “verified” report, which includes the description of the suspect and their behavior. One of the biggest problems with traditional home security is false alarms. Because of the sheer number of false alarms, police don’t tend to take them as seriously as in previous years. But, they do take “verified” reports seriously, and that’s Deep Sentinel’s whole routine.


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