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Cellogica Day and Night Beauty Reviews : Claim Free Trial Today

Cellogica is a combination day cream and night cream that is designed to help improve the overall health and appearance of the skin. Their products are said to work by increasing and mimicking specific cellular functions of the skin that generate collagen and promote skin repair. Their night cream is meant to be applied before sleep and left on throughout the evening and the day cream is for application after showers in the morning, the theory being that the combination of the two provides around-the-clock care and protection for the skin.

How do Cellogica Works?

The idea behind Cellogica was born when scientists noticed that a type of rare Swiss Apple doesn’t seem to shrivel and rot. So, according to the company, they studied the stem cells of these apples to see why the fruit didn’t seem to age. From their research, the company created a day and night cream that aims to support the function of stem cells inside a human skin, with the goal of keeping the skin firm and young. To achieve this, Cellogica includes several cornerstone ingredients in its products.

  • Syn-Coll:  This is a peptide that is used in Cellogica formulations with the goal of increasing skin elasticity. According to the company, this is achieved by boosting collagen production, to strengthen the skin’s support network.
  • Syn-Ake:  There is a variety of skin care brands that use this ingredient in their anti-aging skin care formulation. Syn-Ake is said to mimic muscle-paralyzing snake venom. By containing small amounts of this chemical in their formulations, Cellogica creams may be able to temporarily paralyze facial muscles responsible for expression wrinkles, like crow’s feet and frown lines.
  • Rona Flair LDP:  This is a cosmetic-type ingredient that consists of small microspheres that create the appearance of smoother skin texture when they are on the surface.
  • PhytoCellTec Alp Rose:  Cellogica also includes a specialty ingredient created from the stem cells of Alpine Rose. Some skin care experts have shown interest in this flower because it is able to withstand harsh conditions of severe cold and UV exposure. The manufacturer claims that these stem cells can support the health of skin stem cells when applied topically.
  • PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica:  This Cellogica ingredient is the most touted by the manufacturer. The compound is based on the stem cells of rare Swiss apples and is meant to boost the longevity of stem cells in human skin, to achieve skin radiance.

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