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BellaVeì Skin Whitener is a lightening agent formulated to fade dark age spots and other blemishes. It is safe on all skin types, and its all-natural formula won’t irritate your skin, but rather leave it even-toned and bright.

Bellavei skin care is that brand which provides you with the variety of skin care products. Its wide range of products helps you to forget all your skin problems. This complete kit is the ultimate solution that every woman is looking for.


How does it work?

This cream provides nutrients and vitamins to the facial skin which makes it glow day by day. It also rejuvenates it due to which the youthfulness and the beauty gets locked. The cream results in removal of wrinkles and blemishes and helps us stay young for a longer period of time.


  • Rids skin from dullness
  • Grants rejuvenation to the face
  • Improves radiance
  • Controls wrinkles and manages other aging signs
  • Protects against UV rays



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