1tac Roadside Safety Disc


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Drive around sufficiently long, and will undoubtedly get a punctured tire. While this normally just methods spending an additional hour stuck on the expressway, the circumstance can rapidly go bad if a diverted driver hammer into your vehicle. Ultra-brilliant, waterproof, and equipped for working even subsequent to being kept running over, 1TAC’s security plate guarantees drivers can detect your ride from in excess of 5,000 feet away, giving them a lot of time to clear a path.


1tac Safety Disc is a 3 pack LED flares light with a storage bag and is absolutely shatterproof, crushproof and rainproof. It is very important to have this LED flares for a car or bicycle in case of emergency. It has superior visibility and one can see up to 1 mile at night and can be used for any kind of emergency. It has in total 9 different flashing modes which can be used as 9 warning light in different situations.



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